I think of music as a discipline, but it also is the most strong language we know as human being. Whatever your level is, you’ll always get something out from music, and that’s why, in my opinion, our main goal should always be, as students and musicians, just to have fun, because that’s when music works.

During the lessons we’ll have the opportunity not only to work on all the theoretical aspects but we’ll also put focus on the meaning of what we do and why do we do it.

Harmony, improvisation, theory, etc.. these are all means we’ll develop to reach the goal that is whatever the student wants to do with his music. Everyone has his own musical language and his own ideas, and my job we’ll just be to make you able to feel free and enjoy the music.

Rocco is currently teaching at the Rivers International School in Arnhem South, giving      classical and electric guitar lessons to children from Primary and Secondary School.

For the Jazz, Improvisation and Harmony course, the lessons take place in Arnhem.

Feel free to contact me for any further detail about lessons contract, condition and fees.