Three Troubadours and a Lizard – live set at ArtEZ ConcertHall






Rocco Romano – The Cave Project – June 2019 Highlights






The Gust Groove-Jam (with Jerome Hol) – 13th March 2018 @Cafè Classen, Arnhem



The Gust Groove-Jam – 30th January 2018 @Cafe De Kroeg, Arnhem



The Gust Groove-Jam (with Rene Creemers) – 19th February 2019 @Cafè Classen






mot. – 28th September 2018 @Theater de Meervaart, Amsterdam – Highlights



mot. – Live Performance, 16 June 2017 @Bringant, Arnhem






Rocco Romano – “thirty four”






Ingen Navn Trio – Promo Trailer

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“My Funny Valentine” – Rocco & Filomena Duo