garden hermits

live microscopy + improvised music

Microorganisms, ubiquitous in our environment, play a leading role in countless natural processes.

One notable feat is their orchestration of nearly half the planet’s photosynthesis, thereby augmenting oxygen levels and curbing carbon dioxide concentrations. 

All microorganisms emerge as indispensable actors in the realm of climate and its change.

Together with the audience, we embark on an exploration of the intricate forms and vibrant hues inherent in the microcosm.  This realm teems with a multitude of living entities, asserting their undisputed dominance within their spatial dimension, otherwise invisible to our eyes.

Presenting “Garden Hermits,” an immersive and ethereal performance wherein musicians respond dynamically to real-time footage sourced from an onstage microscope, offering an intimate connection to the wonders of the microscopic world.