Three Troubadours and a Lizard

A quest throughout genres, styles, personal experiences and musical expectations is guiding the trio on its journey, transforming and expanding sonic spectra within an electro-acoustic “jazz” attitude.
Organic improvisations are as important as conceptual rhythms, and find their place within minimal original compositions, whereby also cover can cross their repertoire.
Their connection with the jazz approach creates sympathy for imperfectness, interplay-based events, organic structures and unique auditory expression.

Band Members:

Rocco Romano – Guitar/Electronics

Armin Mey – Rhodes/Synth/Moog

Konrad Matheus – Drums/Electronics

Short snippet from our last concert!

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The Cave Project

an immersive audiovisual performance based on surround sounds and 3D live mixed music inspired by Plato’s myth of the  cave. Put your headphones on to enjoy the spacial sound.


sound shape collective

Sound Shape Collective is a pool of improvisers based in Cologne (DE) and Arnhem (NL).

Eight individual musicians share a mutual platform on which improvisation allows them to explore the concept of art and vex the rims of musicality.

The Collective believes in research and experimentation as the main part of the process of making music.



Mot is a platform which focuses on combining live music, visuals, spoken word, DJ’s and conversations in the form of events. Find more on our Instagram and Facebook page.


Rocco & Filomena Duo

Jazz and Bossa duo with the vocalist Filomena Croce, for relaxing background music, classic jazz standards and some of the best latin music.



Ingen Navn Trio

The trio plays experimental jazz music that also integrates colors of different genres. The songs, written by the saxophonist, provide plenty of space for improvisation.

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Saxophone: Inga Rothammel

Guitar: Rocco Romano

Drums: Hendrik Eichler